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food for thought...

The word masturbation derives from the latin word masturbari , from the roots for "hand" and "to defile".

Exactly what were these anglo-christian chains on sexuality really doing to benefit society? Not much at all.......maybe the crusaders were so busy wiping out the masses becuase they couldn't get off.
Here's the informal paper I have to write weekly for my human sexuality class, concerning chapter #9 which covers sexual techniques and behavior patterns, beginning of course, with masturbation:

Thank god we, as Americans, have moved past the sexual revolution….well, actually, I believe the sexual revolution is still going on; we’re still all coming out of the closet in many ways in regards to sexuality in general. The biblical background of the barring of natural sexual behaviors does not surprise me one bit, but only further proves that we human beings have always been consumed by fear, and continue to be as we manifest that fear of ourselves and our bodies in various ways throughout our history, while we evolve as a species.
If women in the 1800’s and early part of the 1900’s were considered plagued by hysteria when they displayed symptoms of anxiety, irritability, nervousness, pelvic swelling, bloating, and fainting, which could only be relieved by the medical application of treatments with vibrators, then what did they call men who suffered from perpetual blue-balls due to the Victorian sexual regime?
As Alfred Kinsey discovered in his studies, “Women who had masturbated during adolescence were more likely, not less likely, to find gratification in sex with others in adulthood than women who had not.” Certainly this is not surprising, but shows us clearly, that sex education, for example, would be of great benefit to our future generations, and still, in fear and falseness thereof, we avoid this idea like the plague. Pure and utter silliness, if you ask Me.
The fact that the topic of masturbation, particularly in women, is today, so taboo, comes as vastly disturbing to me, and only encourages me further, to break down those fears by being as open and frank as I am about sexuality as a normal, natural human behavior, with myself and those around me. It isn’t until people start being able to actually say “Penis”, “Vagina”, and “orgasm” without wincing, that we will reduce violence toward women, sexual violence toward boys and girls, and self-perpetuated psychological violence upon ourselves resulting in a horrendous communication-skills deficit, leading up to many unhappy and short-lived relationships. If we’re going to hold society’s fabric together we need to start talking about sex, not banning queer marriages, for example.
Perhaps we should study those pushing to ban such inalienable rights, and see about how educated, positive, and healthy their sexual lives are? How happy are their marriages? What do you hypothesize, really?
If we were all getting off like we need to, if we were all capable of bringing ourselves to a happy, healthy place of acceptance with our sexual selves, we would have no need to spend so much time pointing fingers at those who are sex-positive.
Imagine that.
Yet more un-surprising evidence of the complexity of female sexuality: “Masters and Johnson reported never observing two women masturbate in precisely the same way. Even when the general technique was similar, women varied in the tempo and style of their self-caresses.” Uh-oh, that means, boy, girls, if you’re gonna “hit it” you’d better learn to start asking your lady how, when, and where she likes it. Not to discount male sexuality, which is just as wonderful…but it is my personal observation that men are far “easier” in the arena of sexual gratification. Chapter nine is so chock-full of topics I could pontificate on for days, that here I am at the end of my paper, left with a million and a half other topics to cover.

Oh, I am so glad that I am free free free to masturbate and or fuck in peace.
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