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Leather U

I see you shiver in antici... pation.

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Leather U is exactly what it sounds like: a discussion for members of the BDSM/fetish community who are attending college. I created this community to focus on not only on the fact that we're still new to the leather scene, but to focus on the unique problems that we face on campus: finding partners, paper-thin dorm walls, misguided political correctness, et cetera. Feel free to talk about anything regarding BDSM, fetishes, or college life (and I *know* there's a lot to bitch about there).


1. Breath control: Be respectful. No flame wars, no condemning language. This is a safe space for an often misunderstood community: please keep it that way.
2. Forced celibacy: Don't troll for dates. If you meet someone who sparks your fancy in this community, good for you. Keep the wooing somewhere else.
3. Blindfolds: If you feel the need to post erotic stories or pictures, please put them behind LJ Cut tags with a warning. Some of us operate out of public computer labs.
4. Limits: Nonconsensual rape, domestic abuse, and pedophilic activities are not fetishes. They are crimes, and have no place in this community.
5. Ageplay: As posts may contain pornographic content, please do not join the community if you are under the age of 18. You must have your full birthdate in your userinfo to be a member of the community.
6. Torture: No spam. Please do not make a post advertising websites.