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Conversio Virium LJ Community: Columbia University's and NYC's student BDSM education group

Hello fellow Leather U folk:

This is a brief message to let anyone who's radar this will cause a blip on know that Conversio Virium, Columbia University and New York City's only current student BDSM education group, is trying to organize semi-regular social outings just for fun. We're thinking coffee shop get-togethers, bar nights, maybe the occasional "let's totally take over a restaurant" dinners, or whatever else we come up with. For instance, a bunch of CVers and their friends hit the movies to see Sweeney Todd, because just think of the possible kink innuendoes with all those knives on screen. Also, evidently, Johnny Depp!

Anyway, as a means to organize such things, we've got our very own Conversio Virium LiveJournal community now that you are invited to join or watch. It is an informal group started by members and has no official affiliation with Conversio Virium beyond being a member-moderated forum for group socialization.

The next event, a bar night (for those members and guests 21 and over, of course), will be tonight, Tuesday the 29th, at O'Connells Pub on Broadway at 108th Street at 8 PM. They've got pitchers of beer for $8 and a lot of space to hang out in. So if this sounds like your kind of thing, drop on by and have some fun with us.

See you then!
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