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Tulsa Dungeon Society Demo and Discussion Day!!

The Tulsa Dungeon Society Demo and Discussion Day
will be held on Saturday, September 24, 2005.

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm - Doors open at 8:30am

Breakfast, Lunch, coffee and tea will be available,
courtesy of TDS. Other non-alcoholic beverages will be
available for purchase.

$20.00 per attendee until midnight Aug. 25, 2005
Prices will go up to $30.00 per attendee until midnight Sep 18.
This new policy allows for an accurate count for catering and prevents
unknown “curiosity seekers” disrupting our kink.

TBA, Tulsa Oklahoma

To register, and for more information, visit:
A list of local hotels/motels will be sent with the RSVP
acknowledgement, along with party locations and hours.

The evening before the event, a BBQ Meet and Greet
welcoming the presenters will be held at no additional cost. The
post-event play party for all event attendees, is at no additional


PRESENTER – Chris M from Black Rose in Washington D.C.

Chris M is A Black Rose Emeritus Board Member, artist, writer, dominant (occasional switch) and SM educator, active with BR since 1990. In 1998 he led the team that developed the Black Rose Dungeon Monitors Guide that has been used as the basis for DM training for the Black Rose Festivals as well as Leather Retreat and many other east coast groups and events. He has presented at all of the Black Rose Festivals with presentations exploring both play technique and leather culture, particularly the spiritual experience encountered within SM.

TOPIC OF PRESENTATION-- Going Deep: Topspace, Bottomspace and Sado-erotic Ecstasy
Brief table of contents:
- Introduction
- The Spiritual Dimension of SM
- Top and Bottom
- Ecstasy’s Rainbow: Joys We Encounter in SM
- Mythic Reality: Building the Inner Cathedral
- Bodyplay and the Spirit
- Transgression, Transcendence and the Edge
- Ritual
- The Black Leather Spacesuit: Pleasure and the Oft Forgotten Top
-Going Deep: Topspace, Bottomspace, And Sado-Erotic Ecstasy

PRESENTER – Bladerunner a.k.a. Wendy from Portland, Oregon

Wendy, aka Bladerunner, has been involved in the Pacific Northwest
BDSM scene since 1993. She is a member of the Portland Leather
Alliance, Bad Girls, and the Rose City Discussion Club. Wendy is a
polyamorous, pansexual, ageplaying, knife-wielding, sadomasochistic
switch who toys with bit of genderplay. She's eyeing that kitchen
sink next. In 1997, Wendy founded “KATS: Kidz & Adultz Together
Sharing” an ageplay group. Wendy continues to be an active member
of the Portland leather community through volunteer work, fundraising,
and generally getting in peoples way.

TOPIC OF PRESENTATION ---Non-Cutting Knife Play (alternatively called “SHARPS!!”)
Not your Daddy’s knife play! I do art, drama, mindfucks, and
sensation play with a variety of sharp objects ranging from
sharp and dull knives to kitchen implements, wooden sharps,
and plastic toys. I've worked on people sitting/laying
down, and I've done more mobile knife scenes. I do *not* work with
cuttings, scarification or piercings.

PRESENTER – Master Ken and odori silk

Master Ken has been active in the community for just over10 years. He has served on the Executive Council of NLA:Dallas and on the board of Different Strokes. He was Mr. Texas Fantasy 1998. He has been practicing Ds with silk for roughly 14 years, even before he was aware there was a name for the practice or that a BDSM community existed.

His interests include double-handed flogging, single-tails, roleplay, physical intimidation, psychological play, humiliation, abduction and rough body play, and domination, to name a few. He currently owns two girls, who keep him very busy and happy.

Renamed odori silk in September 2002, silk is the property of Master Ken, and has been in a committed relationship with him for 14 years, (since they met at college in Norman, Oklahoma). She identifies as a sadomasochist switch, enjoys a variety of relationships with friends and playmates, and is a wicked Top. silk has held offices in several DFW groups and feels privileged to have been teaching in the Leather community for over ten years. Her interests include psychological play, role-play, canes and paddles, struggle play and many other forms of BDSM. silk is an advocate of self-nurturing and is very passionate about the emotional and spiritual well being of the submissive female.

TOPIC OF PRESENTATION --- Interrogations, Abductions, and Take-downs
Do your hot fantasies include kidnapping or POW camps? This class
will deal with incorporating aspects of struggle, intimidation and
terror into BDSM play. Topics will include negotiating the scene,
scene set-up, navigating through the scenario, and aftercare for
all involved. Of course, also to be discussed will be warnings,
possible pitfalls, and helpful hints for keeping heavy physical
and psychological play as safe and sane as possible. There will also
be a short demo (or two) to give the class that certain hands-on
touch! Come pick an evil idea or two!

TDS is pleased to announce that the following vendors
will be on-site at the Event:

Sadistic Pleasure
Lady Kathy, Owner

A pleasurably sadistic selection of toys ranging from restraints, collars and canes to floggers of all types and sizes.
My paddles, large and small, are made of a fine selection of exotic woods. I also make and offer for sale,
select pieces of dungeon furniture. If you don't find what you're looking for, ask and we will see if we can make it.
We can also work out a layaway plan! I started this as a small hobby with a wood file in one hand
and a jigsaw in the other. I sold to the local kinksters, putting most of the money back into what has now
grown into a small workshop. How I love getting up in the morning to the sight of all my new power tools
and the smell of wood and leather! I would like to thank my Dominant who taught me the art of wood crafting.
Thank you also, to friends and local kinksters who have supported and encouraged me to develop my talents with leather crafting.

Toy’s Toys
Ms. Toy, Owner

Toy's Toys, founded in 1998, is one of the first online stores that catered to the BDSM community. They are innovators in the field, researching and identifying new durable materials that were then converted to lifestyle products. The "Toys" line of paddles are still one of the few product lines that are both attractive and virtually unbreakable.

Come shop for all your old favorites like the SDS and the Paint Stir paddles and browse a whole new line of products both sensuous, stingy, and sinister for the 2005 season! Toy's Toys will be offering new, hand made costume items, more of its high-tech rods and paddles, a new line of metal toys and some new and twisted electrical gizmos just for the fun of it. Additionally Toy's Toys will be selling a line of VERY nice signed, numbered erotic and lifestyle illustrations and its own line of fantastic fragrances and skin products.

The Kink Shop
Master Mac, Owner
Telephone: 1.318.572.9599

Master Mac will be here from way down in the bayous of Louisiana for you to shop his selection which includes: clamps, clips, crops, canes, fetish wear, floggers, gags, collars, hardware, hoods, blindfolds, jewelry, paddles, straps, quirts, restraints, and rope. He will also be featuring his intriguing hide-able, collapsible, portable dungeon furniture!


No cameras will be allowed at the event. If you have a camera device on your cell phone, we ask that you NOT use it to protect the privacy of all presenters and attendees. Appropriate dress must be worn to, from, and outside the event venue. No one will be admitted to the event venue during a presentation. No firearms will be permitted without the express consent of the Board of Directors of Tulsa Dungeon Society. Violation of any of the above rules/regulations will result in the attendee being asked to leave the venue. These rules/regulations are in place for your safety.

If you have any questions about the event, please feel
free to contact Malik’s cathy at
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